We, Justice for Soli, stand with Mr. Abdi’s family, friends and the Abdirahman Coalition during this painful time. We support their determination to get justice for Abdirahman Abdi and many Black, Indigenous, and racialized Ontarians.

Abdirahman Abdi should be alive today. In a society that takes care of its most vulnerable – he would be alive and receiving the help he needed.
This treatment of Black, Indigenous, and racialized Ontarians, particularly those living with disabilities, reveals the failure of the government to fulfill its commitments that prescribe equality, non-discrimination, and protection of Human Rights.

We stand in solidarity with Justice for Abdirahman, with every Canadian who fell victim to a broken system. We grieve about lives that are lost, the futures that will never happen.

We demand Justice for Abdirahman and peace for his family and friends.