“We understand that the provincial Crown Attorney investigated and determined that charges should not be laid in this case. We call on the Ontario Provincial Police and the provincial Crown Attorney to release details of its investigation, and we call on the Ontario Provincial Police to lay criminal charges against guards who participated in and were responsible for the death of Soleiman Faqiri,” joint statement (BLAC, SALCO, CSALC, OCASI, UARR, COP-COC), “We are enraged by the impunity afforded those responsible for Mr. Faqiri’s death –despite, findings that the brutality with which he was treated,was the likely result of his death. This impunity is correctly fueling the call for an immediate change to the status quo across policing and criminal justice in this country,and a shift away from dehumanizing those most vulnerable in Canadian society. Soleiman Faqiri should be alive today. Instead, he paid the ultimate price for his vulnerability. He was deprived of his life, and now has been deprived of justice,”